Failure – A Subject who has failed to successfully complete at least 50% of their experimental objectives or otherwise lost the favor of the administration.

Herculean – A type of Subject whose abilities include super strength and invulnerability to physical trauma. The rarest type, 9-01 is the only living Herculean.

Subject – The title for children being used as experiment subjects in the Machine Flower Project. Each is assigned a number, 1 through 10, after being sorted into their Unit. 9-01, therefore, is Subject 01 in Unit 9.

Success – A Subject who has successfully completed 50% or more of their experimental objectives or otherwise earned the favor of the administration.

Toxic – A Subject with whom physical contact may be poisonous or otherwise hazardous to one’s health. Due to the acidic nature of her blood (and, to some extent, other bodily fluids) 9-01 is classified as a Toxic.

Unit – A team of ten Subjects. There are ten Units total in the Machine Flower Project, numbered 1 through 10. When referring to a particular Subject, one usually references the Unit first; for example, 9-01 is a member of Unit 9. Units were assigned upon arrival to the Facility at its opening and when a member dies, they are not replaced. This means that most Units have developed into something like a family for Subjects in the Facility.