Our heroine. As a Failure, One knows better than anyone about the injustices of the Machine Flower Project. But hardship only makes her more determined to fight for what’s right. She may not be the brightest crayon, but she’s got spunk.
As far as the Project is concerned, Two is perfect in every way. Her psychic abilities have manifested beyond the expectations of the doctors. Unfortunately, knowing the thoughts and emotions of others has numbed her own empathy.
Two’s best friend and lackey. Three appears to lack any sense of decency, or at the very least she has an extremely vulgar sense of humor and doesn’t know when to shut her mouth. Like her friend, she is a Success.
Nine is uncharacteristically kind for a Success. He displays politeness and concern for the members of his Unit, even the Failures among them. He’s not naive either, having learned how to make himself useful to the administration.
Vincent grew up alongside the children of the Project, not as a Subject but as an outsider, the privileged nephew of the Director. Now that he’s returned to take up the position of Head of Security, it’s like he’s a completely different person.
Dr. Herloz
Also known by the codename “Clouded Apollo”, Herloz is the Director of the Machine Flower Project and it’s his responsibility to make sure the Facility runs smoothly. He was disfigured during One’s experiment and holds a grudge still.