Chapter 06 Page 16
March 25th, 2011

Chapter 06 Page 16


  1. Manda

    I love Three more and more each page that she’s on.

    Yes, your nails on your arm that is detached from your body.

  2. Leah

    /grabby hands at all three of them.

    Want…more…Super happy about the updates ♥ Keep it coming! Loving it so far obviously.

  3. C.D. Reimer

    If I had nails growing out beneath my elbow, I would be complaining too. :P

  4. Ben

    Three, oh Three~~

    (was re: EG

  5. Sabreur

    Oh for… SHE SAVED YOUR SORRY ASSES, PEOPLE. You’d think a quick “Thanks,” would be in order, or maybe a “Sorry I’ve been treating you like shit since the moment I walked in the gate.”

    … Three’s comment *did* make me laugh, though.

  6. Golux

    Adds new meaning to “crying over a broken nail.” Dammit, all my nails are broken, my hand is broken, hell my arm is ripped off!