Chapter 06 Page 14
February 25th, 2011

Chapter 06 Page 14

The End.

…Nah, just kidding.


  1. d0gr0ck

    Holy diddly, another update! Is this a sign of things becoming regular again?

  2. Manda

    Biiiig badda boooom

  3. C.D. Reimer

    That’s a big mouse. :P

  4. Warsmith Bob

    “No metal in the microwave? Hey, SCREW YOU MAN!!! I’ll put whatever I want wherever I want! I have a PHD!”- last words of Dr. John Dingus, Head of Genomic Manipulation, to Ed the janitor.

  5. not pictured here

    I don’t want to be rude. I love your comics.
    But with your busy schedule, at least for now, perhaps you should pick one of your comics and progress with it exclusively.
    I know that can be difficult. Surely you love all of your comics. But it might help