Chapter 06 Page 03
July 7th, 2010

Chapter 06 Page 03


  1. Manda

    Wow first panel, your art is delicious Pana

  2. laila

    Okay, that last panel? That is it, Vincent, I am hiding all your styling products forever.

  3. ben

    so is it a cancer or something more exotic (i assume the latter)

  4. Raine

    Yummy Vincent in first panel. ^_^

  5. Curuniel

    Why must the evil be so good looking…well, this would be the chapter where we start to fnd he’s not so evil (just misunderstood!) but it’s still true.

  6. Hydrall

    That’s his I’m-so-pretty-I-can’t-even-take-it face.

    That face angers me. Angerrrrrrrssss meeee…