Chapter 06 Page 00
June 16th, 2010

Chapter 06 Page 00


  1. David

    Dude does not look healthy.

  2. Andrew

    Hello hello, who’s this then?

  3. Calaros

    What a twist?

  4. ben

    so do they starch those collars like crazy or are they reinforced somehow eg steel rods

  5. Snazzy

    oooooo shiny…

  6. coughman

    “im looking for the guy who stole my eyebrows.”

  7. Vogerl

    Vash the ..Machine Flower?!

  8. darrylayo

    Yes! I’m all caught up on your comic book! Just in time for Chapter 6 with a STUNNING cover. Your covers are really nice.

  9. Halite

    Oh boy,I like the look of him. I have no idea what his role is going to be but I like him.

  10. Hydrall

    That is an epic collar. The only setting that could justify that collar is a nuclear winter. Or Red Faction.