Chapter 04 Page 22
February 12th, 2010

Chapter 04 Page 22

There, see. No need to panic. The bill was paid.

And that concludes Chapter 4. Finally.

I have to take a stinky work-related hiatus before Chapter 5 commences. If all goes well, we’ll be back on Wednesday, March 3.


  1. darrylayo

    Oh god, you don’t know how much it stresses me when in stories bills aren’t paid, doors are left open and so on. I’ll be there when the story continues!

  2. CincyRoy

    the bill is paid? thank you for sating my OCD.

  3. Seras

    Hooray! I only hope that the ginger man will take a big role in the further story.

  4. Gillsing

    Soon enough he’ll be blogging all about it.

  5. Anon

    Thundergirl will now unlock her hidden powers.

  6. Nightgaunt

    Telekinesis too? Uh oh, could get to a Carrie Moment eventually.