Chapter 04 Page 12
December 9th, 2009

Chapter 04 Page 12


  1. Aisu

    Oh great, BSOD. Where’s the power button? We need a hard reboot.

  2. Eleni

    I’ll give her a hard reboot. Yeah.

  3. johnny

    A hard reboot? Well I’ll go and get my cigarette lighter then. See if you can use your magic powers to fix it while I’m gone.

  4. Ben

    I can understand his impatience; lighters get really hot and hard to hold when they’re lit for more than a moment

  5. darrylayo

    Totally creepy! Great mood.

  6. CincyRoy

    think after this Three will still be as crude as she was before?

  7. Kay



    I made you a hottie but I brokeded it.

  8. Leah

    ^^^ What Eleni said.

    I’d hit 009 too. Unf.

  9. Nightgaunt

    I wonder if this is a common occurrence for her? Her eyes are glowing and she isn’t responding. Bad juju there. Maybe she has a short?

  10. Halite

    sexbot gone wrong