Chapter 04 Page 10
December 2nd, 2009

Chapter 04 Page 10

So so sick. Even my dog is sick. Germs everywhere.


  1. Kay

    Ginger soda jerk as in he’s a ginger who jerks soda, jerks only ginger ale soda, or is a ginger asshole and soda’s just there because XP

  2. johnny

    Or soda person who is not thought of in the nicest of ways and who is also ginger.

  3. Xeph

    LMAO! He said ginger!!!

  4. Raine

    He made angry face. 0.0

  5. Hydrall

    Wait, when does this take place? Unless it’s in the 70s or that’s a JohnnyRocket’s, why would this place exist?

    Also, @whole chapter: Moe Laye = HNNNNNGH

  6. Nightgaunt

    But on the other hand… He gets grief from those who look down on him. Probably did that at school too.

  7. rrant

    We’ve missed the possibility that he’s a jerk who drinks ginger soda, the most likely option.