Chapter 04 Page 09
November 25th, 2009

Chapter 04 Page 09


  1. Paul

    Okay, he either thinks she’s nuts or that it’s totally awesome. Like in one of his Japanese Anime, if you will.

  2. Coughman

    “AND i just so HAPPEN to have a CELL-PHONE which CONVENIENTLY can dial 911 in the event that a PERSON escapes from an INSANE-asylum”

    “i also enjoy EMPHASIZING random WORDS at odd INTERVALS, does THAT bother YOU?”

  3. Raku

    @Coughman: yeah, it kinda does.

  4. Honoh

    I hope that posting this does not mean that you stayed up all night to finish it in which case you would already be asleep, unable to read this comment and missing Turkey Day.

    Also, I really like panel 4.

  5. Manda

    Dramatic sleeve push! Toss the crazy person out!

  6. Raine

    and right now he’s thinking crazy girl is crazy lol

  7. A.L.

    Calvin:I’ll believe anything cause yooz a girl and I like teh boobahs.

    Yeh seriously,I believe that’s why he’s probably buying so much into that story.

  8. Amadeus

    “He’s just like, “woah! She’s fuckin nuts! And she’s hot as hell! What am I gonna do?!?!?!”

    He proceeds to run to the nearest wall and smash his head to death on it…

    seriously though, awesome comic

  9. Nightgaunt

    And yet a secret military facility is hardly crazy is it? Doing illegal and immoral experimentation isn’t unknown either. I just wonder what corporation(s) are involved in this conspiracy. There always is. He may even read about such stuff so maybe she isn’t fibbing. Maybe her hot allure is suspending his disbelief too.

  10. Unanonymous

    Generic Plot #381 is one of the best.