Chapter 04 Page 07
November 18th, 2009

Chapter 04 Page 07


  1. Nin

    Bets on him not believing her or running off screaming?

  2. Leah

    fufufu hiding in plain sight I see

  3. Ruri

    Eyes are pretty. ♥

  4. Eleni

    Ruuuuuuuun! Crazy bitch!!!!!

  5. Gillsing

    Oh, come on! He didn’t ask for a scary story, he just wanted to know where she’s from. How could he know where she’d be from? It’s not fair!

    I can see where this is going now. She’ll confide in him, and then he’ll have to help her, because he’ll need her to keep him alive when they come after whoever knows too much. And he’ll be knowing too much. Clever girl.

  6. johnny

    She’s not very good at lying, is she?

  7. Manda

    Cos the truth sounds so much believable!

  8. AdmiralDread

    Interesting how she goes from “interesting girl” to “crazy” in less then two panels.

  9. Nightgaunt

    Why hide it? It doesn’t benefit her to do it. She needs to get the police, military and the Federal Govt involved.