Chapter 04 Page 06
November 13th, 2009

Chapter 04 Page 06


  1. johnny

    “And I bet you’re a good one!” *SMACK*

    uh-oh super strength

  2. Aleph

    What a coincidence. I called my Sheep in Trickster Online Laye.
    Where’d you get the idea for her name?

  3. Honoh

    We like Thunder girl better.

  4. Ruri

    Awwwwwwwwwwwwwwww. THAT’S SO CUTE.

  5. johnny

    Who calls their daughter Calvin?

    I mean really.

  6. Emuchan

    I really like the last panel, is it the start of a romance, or just the downfall when she present him that she doesn’t own one buck.

  7. Xeph

    I like the name she chose :D !

  8. Squidly

    I thought I smelled some serial experiments here…

  9. Nightgaunt

    I wish I had a name book to see what it translates to.

  10. Halite

    Boy wants his Laye since she can’t pay, hur hur hur.