Chapter 04 Page 05
November 11th, 2009

Chapter 04 Page 05

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  1. Xeph

    LOL, her face in the third panel is precious :)

  2. Ruri


  3. Paul

    Woah, that’s totally Kirby in the 5th panel.

    One confirmed as a playable character in the next Super Smash Bros.?

  4. coughman


  5. Eleni

    Epic name fail.

  6. CincyRoy

    anyone else besides me wondering what she’s going to do when he hands her the bill?

  7. Raine

    omg stuffed face is adorable!

  8. Honoh

    It’ll go something like this;

    thunder girl: what you name?
    one: I don’t have a name, I’m called one
    thindergirl: Is that also how much money you have
    one: money?

    insert sexxors

  9. Sebastien

    well… if the electricity is out getting rid of the ice cream and other perishables before they go bad could be a ‘service’.

    I’m certain she know about money, they DO have access to movies and entertainment.

  10. johnny

    Yes, One is going to have to pay lightning girl with the sexxors. I have foreseen it.

  11. KaliFortuna

    Everything on this panel is the cutest thing in existence. Hands down.

  12. Nightgaunt

    She is a happy child now, about 6 years old. With 5X the metabolism she is hot. Her normal body temperature would be high so on heat sensors she will burn white next to our reds and oranges. No wonder she is slim.