Chapter 04 Page 01
October 21st, 2009

Chapter 04 Page 01

Ow. My hand.

Edit: Nnn. Major construction issues with the new place, so the next page might be delayed a day or so while I deal with that.


  1. Raku

    oh boy! new person! he’s got some long limbs…

  2. johnny

    he shall henceforth be known as Lightning Girl

  3. Jordan

    Lightning girl: with the power of telescoping limbs!

  4. psst

    and being a manager in a burger joint all at the same time!

  5. A.L.

    He reminds me of “Lulu” from Code Geass,just less psychotic.
    And yes,we all are horrible people for poking fun at each strip,but that just means we love it :D .

  6. Whitney

    This is all too true A.L. I love this comic! :D

  7. Honoh

    Nao One! Make with lightning girl and get with the kissors!!

  8. Nightgaunt

    Maybe he works in the company kitchen. They like uniforms for everyone.