Chapter 04 Page 00
October 16th, 2009

Chapter 04 Page 00

The chapter that refreshes.


  1. psst


  2. A.L.

    Try MachFlow-Cola.It’s Refreshing!

  3. Manda

    Awwww ginger boy looks cute :D


  4. coughman

    Lightnin’ Brow!

  5. Kay

    Zeus’s ginger son, identifiable by his eyebrows. Seriously, though, can’t wait for the next update.

  6. Hydrall

    Aha, the ancient story- Enter world of adventure, go to the nearest bar and find party members. Lacking that, a cafe will do just fine.

    Or even a soda shop, if you’re in a REALLY boring area.

  7. Nightgaunt

    Nice touch, so retro, then we see the sinister logo now on a red background. A nice jarring effect.