Chapter 03 Page 21
October 2nd, 2009

Chapter 03 Page 21

There will be no update next Wednesday because I’m moving. Boo…

Edit: I lied. My computer’s not set up yet, so no update until the 14th. Sadface.


  1. Snazzy

    can it be escape tiem nao?

  2. Shigbigger

    Just wanted to say I found this site via the link on 3 Panel Soul, and I just read the entire strip from the start. Wonderful art and story! :)

  3. johnny

    The ‘field’ actually stops people’s heads exploding from three’s hotness. And even in her current state she’s still technically crazy hot. It’s going to get very messy very soon.

  4. Honoh

    What’s behind door number one!?

    …seriously, where are they?

  5. A.L.

    See I knew it! The update is a lie,just like the bloody cake! The only thing that is constant around here is the damn pie.

  6. Nightgaunt

    They probably have everyone wired to get a jolt if they try to go out of bounds. Too many and they might die.