Chapter 02 – Page 21
June 19th, 2009

Chapter 02 – Page 21


  1. Manda


  2. Leif

    Oh my god that adorable innocent expression Two has….

  3. Silent

    She”ll carelessly cut you and laugh while you bleed…

    Vicious little monster is two.

  4. Hydrall

    I love this comic.

    And Two is now among my favorite characters. She’ll never beat 9-01 in my eyes, though.

  5. Nightgaunt

    You can tell by her eyes that she isn’t smiling because she is happy so much as getting something back. Maybe a pound of flesh at that. She took the knife away and plunged it into him. No one expected that I think but her.

  6. Unanonymous

    He doesn’t actually seem all that upset by the event. More annoyed at messing up.