Chapter 02 – Page 11
May 8th, 2009

Chapter 02 – Page 11


  1. Phae

    Just wall her already godfuckit

  2. Leif

    I don’t trust him, what is with that moe adorable look? One, I say you rape him.

  3. Ruri

    And, without an armband, your arm is cold!

  4. Ruri

    Or at least, less stylish.

  5. Sara

    Seconding on the “wall her” part.

  6. Sarssol

    And until you’re a success, you don’t get lollipops!

  7. Hydrall

    They’ve been denying her lollipops this whole time?

    The monsters… They should have given her one while she still was a lolipop! (Terrble puns ahoy!)

    Also, I agree with the people saying Nine looks evil. TRUST NO ONE 9-01!

  8. Nightgaunt

    Difficult to know but we shall see if 9 is real or not. So armband is important in the lab hierarchy, hmm? Then the question is does she want one or just to leave?

  9. Unanonymous

    The dude looks really tired. Someone get him an energy drink.