Chapter 02 – Page 08
April 29th, 2009

Chapter 02 – Page 08


  1. Leif

    “Discipline her” yeah, yeah you DO that nine…

  2. Phae

    God I’m going to ship all these motherfuckers so hard. Is that a reverse-trap or really a dude? I don’t fucking trust him. Bet he is all yandere and like “^o^ LMAO WE WILL PLAY HAPPY FUN TIMES!!!!” and then he pulls a huge sword from his ass and starts mincing people really slowly and getting off on it.

    Oh, and then Three joins, and she gets off on it too. And the Two sees them, and she just thinks they are idiots and picks up One’s torso and puts it in a TV box.

    THEN!! Nine and Three start to mutilate one another. And they have to drag their limbless bodies around hurrhurr.

  3. Ruri

    I like Phae’s explanation best. This is now canon.

  4. Nightgaunt

    I see they are classified for easy identification by armband symbols. Now we may see what #9′s power is.