Chapter 02 – Page 04
April 15th, 2009

Chapter 02 – Page 04

Are you dazzled by this advanced technology?


  1. Ruri

    Dude. I’d fuck him if he saved my puppy. Only not really. Or ever.

    But yes, GO HAVE SEX YOU WONDROUS WOMAN! HE SAVED YOUR PUPPY! I’m gonna write a fic about this.

  2. Kari

    Awesome! Daisy looks a bit like Eleni at your wedding. LOL

  3. Leif

    Man, Super=Atom is scrawny. Someone give that boy a sandwich.

  4. Tia

    like astro boy?

  5. Nightgaunt

    I get the reference and superman like too. Only in all those they didn’t get the woman quite like that. Those were chaste times. But today?

  6. Ishmael

    “… and saved my puppy!” That, my dear, is how we know he is a true superhero.

    He saved the dog.

    /slides back out