Chapter 01 – Page 22
March 25th, 2009

Chapter 01 – Page 22

Thus, with capslock and crazyface, Chapter 1 came to an end.


  1. Phae


    I’M GONNA–”

    Actually, the kid reminds me of Miru.

  2. Miru


  3. ruri

    Geez. You take one person’s hand and permadently scar a guy’s face up and he gets all jerky.

  4. Leif

    Seriously, what’s HIS problem, god.

  5. Hydrall


    I thought that was a woman… Oh wait the lady doctor didn’t get burned, it was the Bishonen. OK, I get it now.

  6. Gallowglass

    You know it stuff like this that always bugs me in fiction about super soldiers, you would think getting permantly disabled and blatant irrational near psychotic towards someone that is obviously a very costly investment would get you removed as project head or whatever his title is.

  7. Nightgaunt

    Being psychopaths they are only interested in themselves. It isn’t 9-01′s fault yet she is blamed. But isn’t it always the case. She is a lab rat—a science lab slave.