Chapter 01 – Page 03
January 19th, 2009

Chapter 01 – Page 03

Doesn’t Vegemitamin just sound disgusting?


  1. Phae

    The nurse is hot.

  2. Leah

    It reminds me of I Love Lucy: Vitameatavegemin

  3. Poetess Leah

    It reminded me of the I Love Lucy one, too. XD

  4. Sin D'Angelo

    I love this comic!!!

  5. Nightgaunt

    Only if you don’t like vegetables to start with. But one can’t trust anything these people do. Too bad children make such ideal subjects because they can be so trusting up until it is offended too much then they aren’t anymore. So expect super genius deviant manipulations by these people. They have much invested in these cute tykes.